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Purr.Baby has been provides top-quality 1st Generation PERDOLLS & Ragamuffins. Silver Shaded Chinchilla & Golden Shaded Chinchilla "Persian Ragdolls".
They truly are one of the finest breeds with their big Green. Teal, Blue, Hazel, Gray, & Gold eyes. They will have super soft Ragdoll fur & Ragdolls are in no rush to grow up. They tend to retain their playful, curious and fun loving kitten-like nature for years to come. This makes them a great fit for families with engaging adults and children. The average cat is usually full grown by by 1 year old, Ragdolls continue to grow until they are about four years old. 

Ragdoll cats have been called "ragdolls" because they tend to go limp in the arms of someone holding them. They are a super sweet, cuddly and snuggly breed of cats who are affectionate towards their owners and prefer to stay near them. Every day you just might find your precious one following you around the house and greeting and greeting you at the door when you come home.


 Large Persian eyes with the Ragdoll doll-face attributes. *All their physical qualities may/will change over time & at about 2 years old they will be at full maturity. 
* We also have, from time to time, the adorable 

                     Ragamuffins, Ragdolls & Glamorous Persians.

There is a great joy of seeing pet owners with their new fur babies is extremely rewarding. We want you to feel the way we do about ours. We wish for you a fantastic life together!

Our beautiful & precious kittens are coming from a very cat friendly home, raised with love, attention and free roam indoors. They enjoy spending time outside time with us or together in the kitty play yard & visits to the park. They enjoy a selection of choices in diet and use the best litter litter. They are not our "pets". They are "our family". 

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