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She is the Most Amazing Sweetheart & Such a Wonderful Member of Our Family!

Her Personality is so Playful & Sweet.

She actually coos like a dove!

She is Very Observant  & Also Very  Silly. 

She Loves Attention.

She Also Enjoys Playing with The Kittens Ever So Gently.
🐇 She is a Honey Bunny Bun Bun!

She is a Chocolate Persian

With Stunning Gold Eyes!




Dark Chocolate PERSIAN

( Chocolate is a colour-Type of Persian )


This beautiful angel is the Sweetest With a Perfect Personality!!

She is a Nurturing Mother Who Never Leaves Their Side. She is Very Watchful of Her Kittens. She is so Cuddly & so Very Soft. She has Such a Gentle Spirit! Such a Love Heart! She Loves Everyone She Meets &

Is Very Outgoing! 1 Of Her Favorite Things Are Lilacs! She Loves Them In a Vase So She Can Smell Them Whenever She wants!

Shen Is a Seal Point Ragdoll

with Electric Blue Eyes.



Seal Point RAGDOLL

( Persian / Siamese )



Silver-Tipped Chinchilla Persian

( Silver-Tipped is a colour-type of Persian )



Silver-Tipped Chinchilla Persian

( Silver-Tipped is a colour-type of Persian )

Cyprus is an Amazing Loving Father Who Participates in Parenting. He is Always Watching Over Everyone!

He's Curious, Kind, Loving, & Gentle. He is a Very Outgoing Gent.  He Loves Everyone, Including his Kittens. He Actually Cares for His Kittens

Just Like a Mother Would!

This Cutie is a True Snuggler!

He is Also a Huge "Talker",

 And He Will Let You Know

When It is Time For Kitty Cookies! lol
He is a Silver Tipped Chinchilla Persian with

Gorgeous Hazel Teal & Sea-Green eyes! 😍 




(Persian Himalayan, Siberian,

Maine Coon, Ragdoll )

Poppy Has an Incredible Personality!

She is a Very Sweet, Quiet &

Precious Gentle Soul.

She is Quite the Athlete & Yet,

 She is Extremely Graceful & carefully Engaged Within her Adventures. 

She is a Gentle Protector & Loves to Follow Us Everywhere We Go! You Will Usually Find Poppy in The Center Of the Room At

The Center Of Attention!
Poppy Loves To "Play Fetch"!

She Loves Cellophane Crinkle Balls The Most!

She Also is Enamored With Cat TV!

She Loves Watching The Birds!

She is a Lilac Point with

Gorgeous Sky-Blue Eyes! 😍 

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