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Chocolate Point Ragdoll

She is the most amazing mother & member of our family! She is my fur baby. Her personality is so attentive and sweet. She actually coos like a dove! She is so very soft like a rabbit as Ragdolls are.  
🐇 She is my hunny bunny 💛

Queen Ching Shih


Seal Point Ragdoll

This beautiful angel is the most sweetest and protective mother who never leaves their side. She tends to want to take care of and love everyone's babies.  Kittens and humans alike! lol! She is so cuddly and so very soft.



Silver Tipped Chinchilla Persian

Cyprus is an amazing loving father who participates in parenting. He's curious, kind, loving, and gentle. He is an outgoing gent.  He actually cares for the kittens just like a mother and lives to snuggle them and his humans alike!
He is a Silver Tipped Chinchilla Persian with gorgeous green eyes! 😍 

1 POPPY.jpg


Lilac Point Persian Ragdoll

Poppy is a precious loving soul. He's She is full of endless energy and quite the athlete! She loves to play! She is a gentle protector and loves to cuddle
She is a Lilac Point Persian Ragdoll with gorgeous sky blue eyes! 😍 

Beautiful Queen Poppy
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